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Here's a little something,
Monday, August 9, 2010, 3:31 AM


Batch 5 - Because, true love never dies.
Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 5:53 AM

12 Jongkey Graphics.

2nd post for today, got Gladys(:'s request done too~ One of the cutest OTP ever!!!! Though I have to admit I still ship HongJin more. Hehe, anyway, here goes~

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Batch 4 - Give it to my Y, Listen to my Y *as requested*
, 1:54 AM

10 Yang Seung Ho(MBLAQ) Icons.

Hey there! Sorry I've been neglecting T-ranscendent for these few weeks, was really busy during the holidays DX I hope you guys have not forgotten T-ranscendent! Anyway, these are Coleen's request. Comments would be really lovely :)

Tags replies:
→YINGG,☁ : You're welcome! Glad that you liked the icons :)
→Gladys : Yeah of course you can, im working on your batch now, so do watch out for it! And thank you for your compliment~
→Moonless-Night : Linked!
→mzc. : Hehe, thanks for your compliment!
→Shet : Sorry but I'm not looking for any makers currently but do leave down your email so that I can contact you when I'm looking for one next time :)
→Shootingstars : Thank you for your compliment, You're site's really lovely too!
→Lin : Yeah sure :) But please use the request form to request next time alright~
→Morgan : Thank you, I've linked you too!
→Shet : Linked!

!resources here


Batch 3 - C.N TO DA BLUE.
Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 10:49 PM

2 Jung Yong Hwa banners.

These are YINGG,☁'s request! Once again, comments would be really lovely :)

Tags replies:
→Yockyen : Thank you for your compliment and for linking ❧ T-ranscendent ! Your site's graphics are lovely as well! ^^
→JAGGED : Thank you for linking! -bows-
→Gladys : Thank you for your compliment! Glad that you like them :) And you're welcome~
→L-vebox : Thank you for linking and your compliment! :)
→Perfect-foryou : Linked!
→Edlyn : Linked as well!
→Trinhh : Thank you for your lovely comment! :)
→Nicole : Thank you for linking! -bows-

!resources here

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Batch 2 - Jonghyun ; The bling. *as requested*
Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 6:14 AM

12 Jonghyun graphics.

These are Glady's request :) Not exactly the best kind of graphics out there so constructive comments on how to improve would be deeply appreciated :)

!resources here

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Batch 1 - Even if i love again , I will still choose you.
, 2:57 AM

First and foremost, welcome to ❧ T-ranscendent! Hope to receive lots of love from you guys~ hehe
4 banners for the first post, featuring my fandom (F.T Island + Jay Chou) and some idols I really like (Beast + Girls' Generation)
Comments would be really lovely!

Have a good day! !resources here

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, 2:51 AM

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